World Family Summit News

First Meeting of the Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy

UN-NGLS is pleased to invite you to the first meeting of the Leading Group on Social and Solidarity Economy. This meeting is co-sponsored by the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations and the Mont-Blanc Meetings – International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy Entrepreneurs. Monday, 22 September 2014 4:00-6:00pm Conference Room 8, […]

MPs commit to act on gender and eliminate inequality

Over 40 Asia-Pacific parliamentarians meeting in Manila, Philippines have committed to eliminate inequality and protect the rights of women through a strong assertion of human rights in every aspect of development. A shared commitment of parliamentarians, Ministers and Speakers from 21 countries in the Asia-Pacific region to act on gender issues was the outcome of […]

UN reports on preparations for the 20th Anniversary of the International Year of the Family

The World Family Summit +10 will be a celebration event for the 20th International Year of the Family. Over the years, the international community has recognized the importance of family-centered policies and programs as part of an integrated rather than sectoral approach to development. The international community has agreed that the family is the fundamental […]